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          Simple, clean and accessible. Valid code (XHTML 1.0 Strict), small file size and tested to work with all major web browsers and common mobile devices. Variant Portal is a starting point, open for changes and free to download and use. Get your message out to the world without visual distractions or annoying effects...

          / Andreas, template designer


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          For this first free template release on andreasviklund.com in 2010, I have paid a tribute to the simple and useful kind of design which I am a fan of myself. With minimal use of images, a simple code structure and small number of CSS ID:s and classes, this template should be easy to learn and easy to work with.The template can be customized for use with different content management systems, or used to build plain HTML websites directly. The small file size creates a design which loads fast even on slow internet connections, and the design has been tested with recent versions of Mozilla Firefox,Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome - as well as on several mobile devices.

          Please note: I have not aimed at making any kind of trendy or shiny look for this design. I prefer to keep it clean and simple, and let others add the details that will make the design special and unique. By default, it degrades well with full functionality even in browsers that do not support CSS, so in theory it works just as well on a 10 year old computer as it does on a new machine or on your mobile phone (provided that it supports XHTML).

          What is a free website template?

          If you like this layout and would like to use it in any way, you are free to do so. You can make any changes you may want to, and there is no cost involved for using the template for commercial projects. All I ask for is that you leave the "Template design by Andreas Viklund" link in the footer of the site.

          Version: 1.0 (June 26, 2010)